What NUBSLI are doing

By NUBSLI | Published on 7 December 2015

We have been extremely busy at NUBSLI. We have several strands of work happening at the moment. Here’s a flavour:

  • We are currently looking at alternative registers given that many of our members are dissatisfied with NRCPD. This piece of work is being undertaken by one of our members who raised the issue and is now leading on this.
  • We are looking into setting standard rates of pay and the issues relating to this. This is a huge piece of work that is being done in collaboration with our supporters in Unison. Two of our members are working on this.
  • We are attending the Professional Interpreters for Justice campaign steering group and working alongside our sister branch NUPIT, the National Union of Professional Interpreters and Translators.
  • We are making links to other union branches and organisations.
  • We have been interviewed by See Hear.
  • We have made contact with the cabinet office to ensure we are included in any meetings, and receive information, regarding national framework for contracts.
  • We are attending UKCOD meetings.
  • We have written to several MPs and, along with a Unite political officer, will be meeting Stephen Lloyd MP (Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness).
  • We are providing case studies to Kate Green MP (Shadow Minister for Disabled People).
  • We have managed to get the issue of Access to Work on the agenda at a meeting with Kate Green MP.
  • Our friends at DPAC are also putting pressure on the Labour Party to do more to support Deaf and disabled people prior to the general election in 2015.

We are working hard to ensure our profession is heard. We are doing much to publicise membership and NUBSLI is growing fast.

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