National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters


Are you a member?

Yes? Great news! Please check the members’ area on our website and do let us know if this answers your query and you no longer need a response to the email you just sent us.

If you can’t find info on the website, do await our response. The committee is made up of working interpreters volunteering their time so we ask you wait 5 working days for us to get back to you. Thanks!

Please note, as part of our structure, we are only able to provide advice and support to those who are members of Unite and are able to provide us with a membership number to join NUBSLI.

Would you like to join us?

If you would like to join us you will find full details on our website the procedure is to join Unite, and then contact us with your membership number in order to be placed into the NUBSLI branch.

Just to note…
NUBSLI is by its nature a union specifically for BSL interpreters and translators, set up as a branch of Unite, and as such we’re afraid that we can’t accept other communication professionals into membership.

Looking to book an interpreter?

Please be aware that NUBSLI is a trade union for BSL/English interpreters and translators and therefore we are unable to book a freelancer for you.

We recommend you source an appropriately qualified professional directly; you can find interpreters in your area using one of the regulatory bodies NRCPD, RBSLI or SRLPDC .

Want more info about fees?

Take a look at the guidance on our website.

Our website has lots of useful information that may answer this question for you so do take a look and get back to us if you can’t find what you’re looking for.