Template response to Clarion re DSA funded bookings

By NUBSLI | Published on 25 January 2021

Last updated on December 19th, 2022 at 11:52 pm

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NUBSLI have been made aware of Clarion UK’s request that interpreters and translators should lower their fees for DSA [Disabled Students’ Allowance] funded bookings.

This request is outrageous and we encourage every language professional to send a unified response to them that our profession will not be bullied or emotionally blackmailed into lowering our fees in order to protect their profit margin.

For this purpose, NUBSLI has created this template letter for members and non-members alike to use to respond to Clarion UK as a matter of urgency.

Dear Sally Chalk,

I am writing to express my extreme concern at the email distributed by your organisation dated 22/01/2021, in which you requested a lowering of fees for DSA funded work.

Whilst I appreciate that your company undoubtedly faces challenges at this time, your request for interpreters and translators to lower their fees at a time when many are already experiencing economic hardship is quite simply inexcusable.

Many interpreters and translators have already seen their income significantly curtailed, if not completely halted, as a result of the pandemic. Your proposed lowering of fees will only serve to harm the profession further and, by default, the end users of your services by placing interpreters and translators into an unviable position which, in turn, makes the profession unsustainable.

Ultimately, this will lead to reduced availability of interpreters and translators, as well as a reduction in the overall quality of service available to end-users.

Furthermore, considering the enormous pressure placed on deaf students due to the current lockdown restrictions and the impact this is having on their studies, it is wholly inappropriate to mention the potential withdrawal of support if interpreters and translators do not comply with this reduction to their fees.

Interpreter and translators fees have remained relatively stagnant over a number of years, resulting in what has essentially been a pay cut year-on-year, further reductions at this point are simply unacceptable.

I will not, therefore, be prepared to lower my fees for the reasons outlined above, and I strongly request that you reconsider your decision.

Kind regards