NUBSLI’s Equality Policy

By NUBSLI | Published on 2 March 2021

Last updated on May 24th, 2021 at 8:13 pm

NUBSLI is dedicated to serving the best interests of its members, protecting workers’ rights and equality and diversity in the workplace.

In June 2020, NUBSLI issued a statement on its website informing members that, “if a member witnesses a colleague engaging in behaviour that is deemed to be discriminatory, a concern can be raised with the colleague’s regulatory organisation. The institution where the behaviour took place can also be contacted, as they have a duty of care to ensure that all participants are protected from racial discrimination.” Institutions, in this instance, also refers to hosts of websites & social media platforms and moderators of e-groups & other discussion forums.

It goes on to state that, “errors in judgment and expression might happen and a level of reflection is to be afforded and respected. If one member approaches another to raise concerns about an aspect of their behaviour they find offensive, we expect our members to reflect and educate themselves on why this might be and, where appropriate, to apologise and change the behaviour in question.”

It concludes that, “People will not behave perfectly all the time, so mistakes and errors will happen. Nonetheless, it is how those are responded to that is vital and we must collectively strive to do better.”

Where possible, these avenues should still be explored.

However, inspired by the ‘It’s About Race’ session held by NUBSLI in February 2021, the Equalities Action Group has produced an Equalities Policy to address instances where the course of action suggested above is either not appropriate or unsuccessful. This Policy has been endorsed by the NUBSLI Committee as part of its own commitment to social change and equality.

All members and those working with, or on behalf of, NUBSLI should familiarise themselves with its contents.
It is important to stress that the Policy is a working document that NUBSLI hopes will evolve over time to support members in the most effective way possible.

You can view the Equalities Policy here.