DWP Freedom of Information request regarding interpreters’ fees

By NUBSLI | Published on 6 April 2016

Last updated on April 5th, 2019 at 6:18 pm

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DWP logoFOI & FOI response

In preparation for a review of our Freelance Fee Guidance, NUBSLI contacted the Department of Work and Pensions to ask about fees.

In recent meetings when we have asked about the adoption of our fee guidance by Access to Work we were told that “fees are set by the market”. A pretty non-committal politician’s answer. So we wanted to find out how and when they are reviewed.

The response shared with and reported by StopChanges2AtW, was rather surprising as Access to Work are claiming that they don’t have fixed fees.

NUBSLI asked:

  1. When did the Department for Work and Pension last review the pay rates for BSL/English Interpreting and CSW support for Deaf and deafblind people under the Access to Work scheme?
  2. When were the rates last increased and by how much?

The DWP responded with:

Access to Work does not have set pay rates for BSL/English interpreting and CSW support for Deaf and deafblind people.
Access to Work advisers, in discussion with the customer would establish both the level and type of support required and source this from within the area where they are working and do so on the best value for money basis.
As Access to Work does not have set pay rates for BSL/English interpreting and CSW support for Deaf and deafblind people, we would not have revised these.

Given this response, we will be contacting the DWP with some follow up questions and will share the answers we receive.

In addition to this, in the next few months NUBSLI will be doing a lot of work on fees, terms and conditions and developing some new membership benefits to support our members.

If you would like to be involved in this area of work please get in touch with us by email at communications@nubsli.com or use our online form.

Freelance Fee Guidance

Our Freelance Fee Guidance work will be starting again soon and we would like to ask members from all areas to get involved to ensure it is as representative and accurate as possible.

Information on the consultation process is currently being written and will be circulated shortly.

Please send any questions/comments to: feeguidance@nubsli.com

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