National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters

Joining instructions

How to join NUBSLI

To become a member of NUBSLI you need to join Unite the union. We’ve provided step by step instructions on how to do this below. You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.

To begin the process, you need to go to Unite’s website. Clicking on the button below will open Unite’s website in a new tab or window.

Sign up to Unite

 Join as a working member

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘join Unite’ button, you’ll be shown the following options. Choose ‘Working member – I am in paid work’

join unite working person option

Step 1: enter your personal details

Follow the directions and fill in your personal information and select how you prefer to be contacted by Unite.

Equal opportunities

Unite campaign for equality for all and want to make sure that all members are fully represented in our union. Choosing to disclose that you have a disability will enable Unite to ensure you receive any additional support that you may require during your membership.


Step 2: enter your employment/self-employment details

The first part to fill in is your employment or self-employment details

‘I work at’ – If you are employed, then enter your employer’s company name here. If you’re self-employed, enter your own name.

‘Job title’ – if you’re an interpreter, enter BSL/English interpreter; if you’re a translator, enter BSL translator.

Postcode lookup’ – If you’re employed then enter your company’s office postcode; if you’re self-employed, enter your home postcode.

‘Unite membership’ – choose the level of membership you want. NUBSLI recommends enhanced as it provides access to all Unite benefits. You can find out more on membership types below (as of September 2021) or view them on Unite’s website.

unite membership rates for bsl/english interpreters

‘political fund and political campaigning’ – these are optional and you can choose whether you wish to contribute to Unite’s campaigning and to being a Labour Party affiliate supporter.

Step 3: payment

The price of your membership will be shown under ‘subscription rate’. In the area highlighted in red, enter your direct debit payment details and the date you wish your subs to leave your account.

payment stage for joining Unite


Step 4: confirm the information you’ve entered and submit

That’s it, you’re a Unite member. There’s one more thing you need to do…

Send us your membership number

Once you’ve joined, don’t forget to send us your membership number so that we can make sure that you are transferred to NUBSLI. We will contact you once you have done this and welcome you to NUBSLI and set up your members’ area login details.

If you’re having problems joining, contact us for help.